You’ve just left the salon with a beautiful new set of Gels! Here’s how to look after them to ensure they last until your next appointment.

  1. Avoid using your nails as tools. 

Using your nails as tools (e.g. using them to open things) can make them more prone to breaking and chipping. It can also cause the topcoat to wear away, leaving the gel polish more likely to peel. It’s best to try and use the pad of your fingertips instead.

2. Apply cuticle oil and hand cream daily.

This will keep the cuticles and skin supple and soft. It will help to reduce the risk of breakages and give nourishment to maintain the health of your nails. It will also keep them looking lovely!

3. Do not attempt to remove the product yourself. Visit a qualified therapist to have them removed.

At-home removal of Nail enhancements can result in damage to your natural nails. So if you need the product removed, make sure that you visit a qualified therapist. A lot of therapists (myself included) will offer the removal of Gel Nails free of charge when you’re having them reapplied anyway.

4. Always wear gloves when washing up or cleaning.

Soaking the nails in water for long periods will increase the risk of the product lifting. Cleaning products can also be very damaging to nail enhancements as they can start to break the product down.