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Gel Nails

A longer lasting, chip resistant alternative to a regular manicure. This polish will last most people up to 2 weeks.

For aftercare advice on Gel Nails click Here.

Acrylic Nails

A liquid monomer and a powder polymer are combined upon application to create a hard layer over your nails. This can be applied straight over your natural nails to strengthen them and allow them to grow long. It is also often applied underneath gel polish to increase the longevity of the colour.

It can also be applied over a nail extension If you wish to make your nails longer.

Please kindly note that the natural length of your nails will determine how long the extensions can be. i.e. I will not apply long extensions to very short / bitten nails due to the strain it could put on your natural nails.

For aftercare advice on Acrylic Nails click Here.

Dip N Buff Nails

Your nails are dipped into an acrylic based powder in between layers of base coat and activating solution. This creates a protective layer over the nail, with the lasting power of acrylic, but with the flexibility and natural look of gel polish. The powder used comes in a variety of colours, although gel polish can be applied over the top to give you more colour options.

This system can also be used on top of nail tips in order to extend the nails. Please note that the dip & buff system is not as structurally strong as the regular acrylics.

For aftercare advice on Dip N Buff Nails click Here.

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